Hello, world!

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Welcome to A Catalog of Curiosity! My name is Tegan Kehoe and I'm a museum professional, public historian, and writer, among other things. Lately I have missed blogging, having wrapped up my most recent regular blog, a column on the Tufts Museum Studies Blog, in May 2015. The occasional guest blog post isn’t enough and the other forms of writing I do don’t fill the same place in my life -- I love delivering content right to readers. Also lately, I’ve been playing with the concept of a to-do list and a bucket list. I have been having fun with the Day Zero Project model of trying out 101 things in 1001 days. The format is energizing to me -- it’s a way to add the structure to my goals and hobbies that I sometimes need, but is free-form enough that it never feels restrictive. For my next big to-do list, I’m going to do things related to what I consider my work, which includes history, writing, teaching, navigating the role of museums in their communities, and more.

This blog will be the catalog of my adventure. A thousand days is a bit under two years and nine months, and a hundred things works out to about one “thing” every ten days. I clipped one thing and one day off of 101 and 1001, honestly just to make the blog’s tagline snappier. When I check off my list items, I will write reviews of them or reflections on my experiences. I will label the posts for fellow history geeks, educators, writers, museum-goers, and museum professionals so you can find what interests you, but it will all be fairly conversational and not too technical, so readers of all stripes can follow my whole list.

The first several posts will be about me developing my 100-item to-do list, and that’s where you come in. I hope to come up with 50 of the items on my own, and chose 50 of them from reader suggestions. You are welcome to start suggesting now, but I will elaborate more on what I’m looking for in list items in future posts, so stay tuned!